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The Arneson Surface Drives are among the most efficient marine propulsion systems in the world. Their surface-piercing propeller design reduces underwater drag by 50% compared to conventional submerged propeller drive systems. The only surfaces to contact the water are propeller blades and a protective skeg. This results in higher overall speed, quicker acceleration, and a better payload to power ratio... AND... 50% less drag significantly improves fuel economy while lowering operating costs.

For work, pleasure, gas, diesel, or turbine power systems capable of torque outputs exceeding 30,000 ft. pounds, the Arneson Surface Drives come in ten model sizes and various configurations for each model. Available in, Aluminum or bronze castings, straight or drop-center models, 12 or 24 volt compatible systems, plus the new Arneson Dual-Fin surface drives available in the ASD8 and ASD10 models.


Surface Drive Comparison Chart

  • 15% to 30% speed increase over conventional systems.
  • 15% to 30% increase in fuel efficiency.  
  • More efficient than I/O's  
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Size adaptability, from 100 hp to over 10,000 hp applications.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Ability to adjust propeller submergence while underway.
  • Ability to adjust submergence to match horsepower output permits conversion of more thrust as appropriately needed.
  • Propellers ventilate to the surface rather than cavitate under the hull reducing noise and destructive hull and prop erosion. 
  • Flexibility in engine installation location. 
  • Less Vibration than Inboard or I/O applications
  • Shallow water operation (elimination of underwater appendages).
  • Accessible propeller servicing.
  • Steerage by the positive thrust of the propeller and not by the propeller thrust to the rudder. This is equivalent to sports car rack-and-pinion steering performance.
  • For all it's sophisticated performance, it is a less mechanically complex and fragile design than other propulsion systems.
  • Most models are available in Magnesium Bronze or Aluminum.
  • No limitations to shaft angle, blade top clearance, draft to restrict selection of optimum diameter propeller.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of engine applications, whether gas, diesel, or turbine.
Trimable Propeller Shaft
The propeller shaft is vertically adjustable, allowing selection of the optimum thrust angle for varying load and sea conditions.
Positive Thrust Steering

Unlike conventional systems that vector prop thrust off of a rudder, the Arneson Surface Drive angles in the direction of motion, maximizing steering control and response.

Responsive Maneuverability

Propellers are located aft, behind the hull, increasing steering leverage and improving maneuverability at all speeds.

Shallow Water Capabilities

The drive has a trimmable propeller shaft and no fixed underwater appendages, requiring significantly less draft than conventionally powered hulls.

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Technical Specifications
  • ASD6 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 650 ft-lbs
    Weight:134 -to- 230
  • ASD6 Kit Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 750 ft-lbs
  • ASD7M Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 850 ft-lbs
  • ASD8 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 1,200 ft-lbs
  • ASD8-6 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 1500 ft-lbs
  • ASD8i-7/8 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 1000/1200
  • ASD8-10 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 1200 ft-lbs
  • ASD10 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 2000 ft-lbs
  • ASD11 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 3000 ft-lbs
  • ASD12 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 4,200 ft-lbs
  • ASD14 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 8,500 ft-lbs
  • ASD15 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 12500 ft-lbs
  • ASD16 Technical Spec's
  •     Max Input Torque: 16500 ft-lbs
    Weight:1,985 lbs